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Skin Care Boutique San Diego

Peel Simply Skin is a boutique Skin Care Studio founded in 2010 by Elisa Muchmore. Elisa's interest in skin care sprouted from her own battle witth skin issues. Elisa opened the business as a solo Esthetician and worked tirelessly to build her business and in 2018 she was able to finally expand! She acquired two amazing spaces where North Park, Normal Heights & University Heights converge for both skin care and massage. She meticulously hired the most incredible staff, who all have not only equal experience but MORE! The staff at Peel Simply Skin are experts in the filed of corrective skin care, acne treatment, and chemical peels as well as range of motion, pain relief and deep relaxation massage.


We are a team and truly a family that all work closely together to get the fastest most effective results for our clients. No matter who you see, you are in exceptional hands. 


Elisa's Education includes:

  • 2004 Euro Institute of European & Naturopathic Skin Care

  • International Skin Care Certification

  • California State Aesthetics License

  • Washington State Aesthetics License

  • Arizona State Aesthetics License

  • Certification Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Certification for Spa Body Work

  • DermaPlane Pro Certification

  • Advanced Rhonda Allison Peel Certification

  • PCA Expert Certification

  • Eminence Organic Skin Care Certification


Nicole W.

Lead Esthetician

Nicole came to us from Tennessee. She was referred to Elisa by one of her clients! Upon Elisa meeting Nicole she was blown away by her level of experience. She has 15 years of aesthetics in a medical setting and also in a high end spa. She combines the both for the most relaxing and corrective treatment available. Not only is Nicole talented but she is the kindest, most thoughtful and genuine person that you will ever meet. Although her official title is Lead Asethetician she is actually Elisa's Esthi Bestie. She fills in all of the blanks at Peel Simply Skin! 

Alissa L.

Alissa is a dream. Another southern gal from Alabama. She studied at the most extensive Aesthetics program in the country and has been practicing for 10 years in a medical setting. Not only is she an Esthetician but also a fine arts major. She loves both the arts and skin care, after a year of being part-time at Peel Simply Skin she made the decision to be with us full time! She is an expert at acne and anti-ageing techniques. We are so lucky to have her. We truly are a family; so much so that Owner Elisa doggie-sits her adorable pup George 3 days per week just so he isn't alone while shes is seeing clients. 

Alyssa S. *will not be returning to Peel Simply Skin right away due to Covid19 *

Confusing I know! Despite the similar names we just had to have her! It's difficult to find a CA trained Esthetican with the level of expertise that Alyssa (with t Y) has. Elisa met her and knew instantly that she belonged at Peel Simply Skin. With over 10 years of experience working for a reputable La Jolla Plastic Surgeon she brings a freshness about the current medical trends in skin care that we simply did not have. Also an expert in corrective skin care, we worked hard to pull her away from her previous position to join us. She is amazing! 

Julie T. LMT *will not be returning to Peel Simply Skin right away due to Covid19 *

Recently we built a NEW wellness suite separate from the skin care studio. Elisa is formally trained as a Holistic Asthetician and always wanted to incorporate whole health, stress reduction, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy and detox into her practice. Julie our CA Licensed Massage Therapist is truly the best that you can get. With so much experience in body mechanics, range of motion & muscle manipulation, you will get both a therapeutic corrective massage in addition to deep relaxation in a gorgeous private wellness suite. Don't forget the best part, our aromatherapy detox steam tent that you can enjoy pre or post massage without moving from the table. It comes down from the ceiling right over you! 

skin care boutique san diego
skin care boutique san diego
skin care boutique san diego
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Skin Care San diego

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Skin Spa San Diego

Skin Spa San Diego