We understand the seriousness of what is happening and we are committed to keep our staff and clients safe while still providing you with a great service. 

1.We remodeled to seal off each treatment room adding a special filtered ventilation system.

2.We are pre-screening all clients prior to entering.

3.We are having clients secure all personal items in a closed sterilized container prior to entering.

4. We have set up a sanitation station at the entrance.

5. Client may only speak with a mask on inside the spa.

6. Protective shields have been put in place in the reception area.

7. Estheticians will be checking and logging their temperatures daily before seeing clients.

8. Our staff will be in full protective gear including disposable surgical gowns *will be deposed of after each client, N95 mask, full face shield and gloves during the entire treatment.

9. Use of disposable, brushes, sponges, headbands will be used.

10. All products will be kept in a sterile area and will be pumped into disposal one time use ramekins prior to a facial.

11. Custom make facial shields were made to provide a barrier between clients & Esthetician.

12. We have built in 1 full hour between each client to wipe down every surface, piece of equipment with a medical grade disinfectant.

13. All linens including sheets and towels will be picked and laundered by an OSHA certified laundry service. 

14. Restrooms will be disinfected after every client.

15. A rolling medical grade WHOLE room UV sterilizer will be used before each service. 

16. All supplies and implements will be kept in sterile closed containers.

17. All implements will be fully immersed in a medical grade liquid disinfectant and placed in a UV sterilizing cabinet.

18. No eating or drinking will be permitted in the spa.

19. All retail products are being kept in a secure area and we are wiping down any products purchased with alcohol before leaving the spa.

20. The staff is practicing extreme distancing and Covid19 standards outside of work to insure the safety of our clients. 

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