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San Diego Summer Staycation 2023: Normal Heights

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

As a skin spa smack dab in the middle of Normal Heights, University Heights, and North Park, we have a ton of tips for San Diego locals and vacationers. If you already live in Southern California, why not treat yourself to a little staycation this summer?

At Peel Simply Skin, we’re all about self-care. And we’re big fans of solo getaways or mini-vacations with the family. You don’t always have to travel far to add some fun and relaxation to your life!

If you’ve been curious about spending time in Normal Heights this summer, here’s what you won’t want to miss…

Your Vacation Rental in Normal Heights

  • Beach area, family-friendly, and luxury rentals

  • Cleanliness that allows for true relaxation

  • Around-the-clock communication for the smoothest stay possible

Your Morning Walk With the Dog in Normal Heights

  • Recreation center on a walkable street

  • Baseball field attached to a school with a playground

  • Walking distance from coffee shops and eateries

Your Morning Coffee in Normal Heights

  • Open bright and early – 6:30am

  • Try their signature "The Champ" espresso or their nitro cold brew with a splash of homemade vanilla syrup

Your Breakfast or Brunch in Normal Heights

  • Breakfast tacos, sweet and savory pancakes, and build-your-own bowls

  • Specialty mimosas full of fruity goodness

Your Shopping Trip in Normal Heights

  • Specializing in styles from the late 1960s through modern vintage

  • Clothing, shoes, skincare, greeting cards, and home accessories

Your Hike in Normal Heights

  • Under 10 miles from Normal Heights

  • Over 8,000 acres of both natural and developed recreational areas

Your Lunch in Normal Heights

  • Bold Filipino flavors served in a casual, welcoming atmosphere

  • Menu is based around savory rice bowls or “silog” (garlic rice and egg)

Your Rest and Relaxation in Normal Heights

  • Combining organic-based facials and cutting-edge clinical treatments

  • Design a personalized and progressive treatment process for healthy skin, lashes, and entire body

  • New microneedling treatments available on Thursdays

Your Sunset View in Normal Heights

  • Just a minute past the west end of Normal Heights

  • Playground, walking path, and plenty of open grass for activities and picnics

Your Dinner in Normal Heights

  • Authentic Mexican dishes that remind you that you’re in Southern California

  • Festive happy hour drink specials

Your Dessert in Normal Heights

  • Handmade organic build-your-own ice cream popsicles

  • Gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan options

Your Live Music in Normal Heights

  • High-energy bar and restaurant with indoor-outdoor seating

  • Live musical performances from San Diego’s favorite bands


If you want a jam-packed day of adventure, then follow that Normal Heights agenda from start to finish. Otherwise, just mix and match for a summer staycation full of delicious eats, beautiful views, and relaxing SoCal vibes.

Enjoy your time in Normal Heights, San Diego this summer!

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